About Me

I'm an interdisciplinary designer who's delivered creative and engaging solutions for high-growth creative teams. I work alongside my dog, Benito.

About ME

What's the mission
behind what I do?

I led a lean and highly effective in-house design team at Vita Coco while the company was reaching its pinnacle goal of $1 Billion in sales! After years of working closely with consumer brands, I realized the power and potential of nurturing internal creative teams. I've moved on to replicate and improve this model successfully for other growth-stage businesses. I'm excited to continue in my mission to highlight the enormous value that great in-house teams can bring.


These are a few of my favorite things


Keeping things lean and constantly seeking simpler ways to perform daily tasks.


Bringing together clashing perspectives to expect extraordinary results.


Green-thumb collaborations where all team members grow at unusually high speed.

Smart Work

Setting up proactive workflows to find more time for things and people we love.


The top three places where you can find me.

Regardless of location, I seek to become engrained in your team dynamics to effectively assess your creative needs.

I've called LA home for the past few years. This is usually my main base!

I spent most of my career in NY. I enjoy visiting—mainly for the amazing food.

My family lives in CDMX and I'm lucky to have a great network in LATAM.


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