Optimized for Teams

We strategically set up your creative operations by integrating project management software to ensure seamless workflow and quality execution.

Optimized for Teams

Once we’ve nailed your ideal in-house creative team, we’ll make sure that they have the appropriate tools needed to succeed. Part of your success lies in everyone being extremely comfortable with cross-functional team operations. We don’t support creative teams that live in silos. Your in-house creative team shouldn’t be any different than the rest of the teams within your organization. They should share in your company culture—even if you choose for them to work remotely. We’ll ensure they know how the sales guys are blitzing, what the finance team does on weekends, and what the marketing teams’ KPI’s are for the next quarter. We’ll also educate all other teams on what your creative skillsets are so that they can truly leverage their superpowers!

We’ve seen way too many instances of amazing creative abilities falling through the cracks for lack of communication. Since we know this won’t be happening at your company, it’ll be easy to layer an amazing suite of project management tools that your team can use cross-functionally. We favor tools that support agile, kanban, and/or scrum methodologies. Making sure there’s always a clear line of communication towards the creative team, usually in the form of a “Creative Request Form” or a formal Creative Brief that can be delivered via the agreed-upon channels. On top of that, we provide company-wide visibility on all projects living on the creative teams’ queue. We teach them one of the most valuable skills for in-house creative teams: establishing a diplomatic relationship between project stakeholders for properly prioritizing and always meeting deadlines in a timely manner. 

We’ve worked with teams that had hundreds of backlogged projects on their queue and have been able to establish an amazing workflow to clear their queue and get back on track in a two-week span—while retaining quality. Book an appointment so we can chat about how to optimize your creative team.

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