Powerful Automation

A huge component of remaining cost-effective and flexible to scale is establishing the right tools for automating key repetitive processes.

Powerful Automation

“Automation is cost-cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.”—Haresh Sippy. When we think of adding automation into your in-house creative team workflow we’re thinking of getting projects completed more efficiently. While we work together to recruit and train the most effective and lean in-house creative team, we’ll use amazing tools to test and keep track of applicants. Once your creative team is working well cross-functionally with other departments and remaining mindful of company expenses, we’ll set automated processes to keep checks and balances in place. With the appropriate time and project management tools, your team will use time - perhaps currently used for repetitive tasks - to produce more and better creative output. Establishing the right communication paths will also certainly reduce friction. 

Our preferred automation tools help lower the percentage of human error and/or the consequences of unplanned absences. The best, most effective teams still consist of human beings working together to the best of their abilities. For this reason, we help your team to substantially lower human error within the creative process. We’ll have them using toggl to have proper data on what projects time is being spent on. We’ll set up one-time integrations to directly input Creative Request Forms into the creative teams working queue. We’ll have all files directly synced so that anyone can grab-and-go any ongoing projects. Most of all, we’ll help you set up shortcuts so that even the tiniest tasks are properly recorded and taken care of in a timely manner. Automation will certainly be the key to liberating your in-house creative team of using their valuable time for dreaded managerial tasks. 

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